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Subscribing to a Calendar

To receive alerts when new events are added to a calendar, first you must navigate to the calendar you wish to subscribe to.
Subscribing to Email Alerts
Hover over the icon and click Subscribe to Email Alerts.
Fill out relevant information:
Title: The name of your alert.
Alert Type: Choose to either get alerts online, or email alerts. If choosing email, please fill in valid email address in the email address field. If you are viewing the page as a guest, you will not be able to choose online alerts as guests can only choose the email alert option.
Select Email Type: Html or Text.
Notification Time: Chose to get your alert as soon as an event is added or updated on the calendar, at the end of a day when an event is added or updated, or at the end of the week when an event is added or updated.
Security Measure: If you are a guest user, you will also be prompted to fill out a CAPTCHA to verify that you are a real person subscribing to the alert.